When it comes to having the best selection of vacation properties around, you cannot beat partnering with a rental agency program such as Voyago. When potential guests are able to pick and choose from an extensive list of highly desirable homes that includes your rental property, they are more likely to choose our service again. We want to make sure our agency program continues to expand to provide the best service to our clients. To do this, we offer a highly competitive referral program that makes sure you are paid handsomely on your client referrals. Take a look at our agent referral program that will add a little extra to your wallet when clients are referred to Voyago.

Grow with Us. Partner with Us

As mentioned, growth will always lead to continued client support and rebooking. That is why it is important to have a healthy listing of properties to choose from when someone is looking for the next vacation getaway. We want to make sure our partners are rewarded for their hard-earned referrals. Whenever your clients, family, or friends are referred to Voyago, you will be paid $500 per bedroom and have your account marketed to each of our guests. This lets you take in a little extra income along with having your own listing be advertised to our entire portfolio of guests. Having this exposure is sure to drive bookings at your property, allowing you to get further return on investment.

The benefits continue to grow from there when the additional guests are further referred to our agent program. You simply cannot go wrong with this type of referral program that is exclusive to Voyago.

4 Points of Daily Marketing

You might be wondering how can you expand your information to help gather more client referrals for our agency program. We make that as easy as ever for you with our 4 Points of Daily Marketing. Whenever you have a guest booking at your property, there will be four points of marketing that will help assist in getting your name out there for more potential referrals.

The first point in our daily marketing with guests is having your contact information on all guest check-in emails. Having your information shown repeatedly to your guests along with our referral program can help keep your name and info fresh in their mind. Exposure is all it takes sometimes for a guest to be referred with your information after a successful stay at your property!

The second point in our daily marketing is having your information shown on an in-home welcome book. Whenever a guest arrives at your property, they may have plenty of questions about amenities, how to navigate the property, and more. Your in-home welcome book is going to be the first place your new guests will check when they first enter the property. Your contact information will be included here for additional exposure. It is a no brainer for combining your in-home information along with your contact information all into one place. If your guest is ready to join our program, they can easily find your information here for your referral.
The third point in our daily marketing is having banner ads in our digital guidebooks. Guests will be able to prepare for their trip along with gathering information on using their vacation home as a property with Voyago all in a single place. The digital guidebook can be accessed from any mobile device so your guests can bring it up whenever they need it.

The final point in our daily marketing is having your contact information on all guest checkout emails. The final piece of communication your guests will receive is the checkout email once they have vacated the property. Along with gathering final details about their stay, your information will be provided in the hopes they want to join the Voyago catalog of rental properties.

All four points of communication are what makes Voyago’s referral program stand out from the competition. We pride ourselves in knowing our team of clients showcase the best homes in the rental market along with having the greatest support and advertisement in the business.

Only Voyago Vacation Rentals

The choice is easy for vacation renters when they choose Voyago. They will find the finest homes in desirable places to visit at any point of the year. Help our team grow by utilizing our referral program and getting a greater return on your vacation home investment.

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