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Will you be staying in Estes Park this summer? The majestic mountains and vibrant events of Estes Park await your arrival. Embrace the adventure and festivities unique to this mountain haven. Be sure to check out these Top 5 Summer Estes Park Events that you’ll enjoy during your time in beautiful Estes Park!

The Rooftop Rodeo

Starting off our Top 5 Summer Events near Estes Park is one you shouldn’t miss. Known as the “rodeo with altitude,” this six-day event in July combines traditional rodeo competitions with a festive atmosphere. The rodeo also features parades, behind-the-chutes tours, and a Queen’s Dance. With the stunning Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, this event is an incredible celebration of Western culture and offers entertainment and fun for the whole family.

Estes Park Summer Jazz Series

Another captivating event is the Estes Park Jazz Fest. Held on various days in July, August, and September, this event near Estes Park attracts jazz enthusiasts from all over! Set in the Performance Park Amphitheater amidst a picturesque backdrop, the Jazz Fest showcases an array of talented musicians. Bring your picnic basket with all your favorite treats and get ready to enjoy the open-air ambiance, while the smooth sounds of jazz sweep you away.

Scandinavian Midsummer Festival

This cultural celebration ranks number 3 on the top 5 summer Estes Park festivals. Held annually in late June in Estes Park’s Bond Park, this festival celebrates the summer solstice with a traditional Maypole raising, folk dancing, and a plethora of Scandinavian crafts and food. It’s an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in Scandinavian culture and traditions!

Estes Park Wine Festival

Our fourth pick on the Top 5 Summer Events near Estes Park is the Estes Park Wine Festival. Typically held in mid-August, this event brings together Colorado’s best wineries in the heart of Estes Park. It’s a delightful gathering where you can sample local wines, enjoy live music, and browse an assortment of food and craft vendors. The Estes Park Wine Festival is an exhilarating experience for both wine connoisseurs and those looking to savor the unique wines of Colorado.

Longs Peak Scottish Irish Highland Festival

Rounding out the Top 5 Summer Events near Estes Park is a much-anticipated event. The Longs Peak Scottish Irish Festival takes place in early September, so it’s technically still summer! This festival is one of the largest Celtic festivals in the country, featuring Scottish athletics, Irish and Highland dances, parades, music, and even jousting competitions. The festival offers a unique chance to delve into the rich heritage of Scotland and Ireland while enjoying a lively and engaging atmosphere.

Get ready to explore a treasure trove of cultural festivities during your time in Estes Park! Come check out the Top 5 Summer Events near Estes Park, Colorado. With the rhythmic tunes of the Estes Park Jazz Fest, the heritage-rich Scandinavian Midsummer Festival, the high-spirited Rooftop Rodeo, the historical exploration at the Longs Peak Scottish Irish Highland Festival, and the tastebud tantalizing Estes Park Wine Festival, your summer in Estes Park is bound to be filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

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