Easter is celebrated on March 31 in 2024, and if you have been housebound for too long after the end of year holidays of 2023, it may be time to plan an Easter getaway to Estes Park, as well as a stay in our comfortable and welcoming Voyago Vacation Rentals holiday hideaways. Offering a mountain flavor to your holiday activities, Estes Park is known for its beauty and serenity, two qualities that should accompany every Easter Celebration. This guide to the top ways to celebrate our favorite spring holiday will help you fill your itinerary with fun, wonder, and excitement.

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Our Sunrises Will Wow

Whether you are getting up early to participate virtually in your own home church’s sunrise celebration or you are just too excited to sleep, a sunrise in Estes Park is destined to feed your soul with a beauty and peace that you never knew it needed. Bundle up warmly, as spring temps can still be quite chilly, and head out to your east-facing patio to witness the marvel of Mother Nature’s greatest performance, or if the patio of your cabin isn’t facing the right direction or you are just too cold to step outdoors, chances are the floor-to-ceiling windows in your cozy living room will frame the sunrise to perfection. Start a fire for extra warmth, snuggle under a blanket, and let the fire in the sky do its magic. Still feeling sleepy? Head back to the comforts of your warm and magical bed for a few more zzzz’s before officially starting your day!

Brunch of Champions

Well, maybe that phrase doesn’t have the same musical flow as the more well-known breakfast of champions, but we think brunch is much more civilized, don’t you? After your brief refresher sleep, a brunch at Bird & Jims, located at 915 Moraine Avenue, is destined to be a celebration in itself. Offering elevated brunch choices that include Apple-Chicken Sausage Benedict and Buffalo-n-Eggs (a dish made with buffalo jalapeño sausage), their Bacon Bloody is the ONLY way to wash down your brunch of champions, in our humble opinions. Or, should you not want to venture out on this cold and probably snowy March morn, our fully equipped kitchens are up to the challenge of preparing an Easter brunch at home!

The Annual Hunt

The first words out of your children’s mouth when you told them you were taking Easter on the road this year most definitely were, “But what about the Easter Bunny?” The list of official Easter egg hunts in Estes Park hasn’t been released yet, but in past years, many local churches have sponsored a few, as has the local YMCA, so we are pretty sure there will be more of the same. Additionally, whether there is an official egg hunt or not, our holiday hideaways offer plenty of hiding spots for the eggs you may have colored at their dining room tables the night before. The kitchens we mentioned earlier aren’t there just to hold your beer, wine, and snacks, the cabinets contain pots for boiling all the eggs you need.

What About the Baskets?

Of course, the Easter Bunny has to bring a basket, and if you didn’t pack your own candy and treats, there is no better place to find the sweets you treat than the Old Fashioned Candy and General Store, located at 184 E Elkhorn Avenue # E. To be perfectly honest, we would recommend this store even if you weren’t looking for candy to fill Easter baskets, especially as THIS is the store that holds the candies of your memories, as well as the candy your kids know and love!

Winter Sports for the Win

Estes Park is known for being a Colorado mountain town that doesn’t rely on a ski resort to be popular and exciting, but if you want to combine a ski trip with your comfortable stay in our rentals, Eldora Mountain Resort is located just 47 miles away in the town of Nederland, and ski season isn’t expected to close until the middle of April. If you want to stick close to home, however, there are plenty of winter sport activities you can participate in, including sledding on a former ski trail off Trail Ridge Road in the Rocky Mountain National Park, ice skating on Dorsey Pond at the YMCA of the Rockies, and snow shoeing just about anywhere you like!

Easter Excitement with Voyago Vacation Rentals

The warmth of our holiday havens will drive away any chill the still wintry weather will bring, ensuring that Easter in Estes Park 2024 will be one you remember for years to come. Memories are made with Voyago, so be sure to reserve your favorite escape today!

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