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Bring your equestrian dreams to life on this horse lover’s journey to Estes Park. This unique adventure takes place in the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains and offers an array of unforgettable experiences. Tranquil trail rides through lush meadows and serene forests to engaging horse care sessions at local ranches. Prepare to be immersed in the beauty of the landscapes and to be in awe of these majestic animals.

Day 1 – Embrace Your Equestrian Spirit

You can feel the excitement in the air as you begin the first day of your horse lover’s journey in Estes Park! Today’s adventure is a guided horseback ride with Sombrero Stables to explore the scenic Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park. The tranquil trails and soothing nature sounds are the perfect way to ease into this journey.

Riding and exploring sure does work up a good appetite. Post-ride, venture over to Claire’s on the Park for lunch. You settle on having a the crabcake benedict as you enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant. Having conversations with fellow horse lovers will be just as nourishing.

After a good meal, you’re ready for more riding. Head over to SK Horses at the National Park Gateway Stables for a fascinating afternoon with your favorite animals. You’ll be getting hands-on experience in riding and learning all about the care your horse receives. Their expert team provides insights into equine behavior and will deepen your understanding and appreciation of the horses.

Before you know it, it’s dinnertime. Dinner will be served at The View Restaurant at Historic Crags Lodge. Feast on a grilled ribeye in a charming restaurant with mountain views at every turn. Enjoy your meal as you reflect on your exciting day with the horses.

Conclude day 1 with a leisurely walk through downtown Estes Park, embracing the cool mountain air and the vibrant evening scene before heading back to your Voyago vacation rental.

Day 2 – Trail Adventures and Mountain Views

As dawn approaches, it’s time for another morning ride with the team at SK Horses at National Park Gateway Stables. Today’s trail leads you high up into the Rockies, with a 6-hour ride to the summit of Deer Mountain. Each turn reveals views of the mountains and Continental Divide that will take your breath away. The bond between you and your horse will grow stronger as you navigate this beautiful terrain together.

Today, you took advantage of the full gourmet kitchen in your Voyago vacation rental and prepared a picnic lunch! You and the group settle by a serene mountain stream, enjoying the view and appreciating the tranquility and companionship of the horses.

That afternoon, you’ll take a short drive to Colorado Horse Rescue. Here you’ll learn about their rescue and rehabilitation efforts to support the horses. The work and care that goes into providing for these animals will warm your heart.

Later that day, you stop for dinner at The Grubsteak Restaurant. Being surrounded by equestrian art and memorabilia, is the perfect backdrop to reflect on the day’s adventures. You explore their menu that features wild game options and choose something adventurous.

Back at your Voyago vacation rental, you decide to spend the evening by your fireplace. Journal about the day’s experiences and the adventures day 2 brought.

Day 3 – One Last Ride and a Fond Farewell

Today begins with a slight twist. You’ll visit the Estes Park Museum! Here you’ll explore the history and significance of horses in the region. It’s fascinating to understand the role they’ve played in local history.

Stop by the Egg of Estes for a breakfast burrito. Savor the flavors in a cozy local joint that’s well-known and loved by all.

This fuels you for your last ride, this time with the team at Jackson Stables. Amble along a peaceful valley trail and soak it all in. Reflect on your amazing time here in Estes Park. The gentle pace allows you to savor every moment with your horse as you create lasting memories.

Your last dinner in Estes Park is at Twin Owls Steakhouse in the Taharaa Mountain Lodge. Everyone recommends that you try the bison filet. It’s amazing! You top off this meal with a decadent dessert. The food was delicious but the conversations about horses and plans for future rides were even better.

Conclude day 3 of your Horse Lover’s Journey with a quiet evening, watching the sunset over the mountains. The silhouette of the horses grazing in the distance is the perfect end to an unforgettable Horse lover’s journey in Estes Park.

Plan Your Stay

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