5 Tips to Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out

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While it may be fairly simple to get started in the vacation rental business, the challenge often comes in trying to make your vacation rental stand out from the crowd. Especially in areas that seem flooded with vacation rental options, keeping a few key factors in mind can make all the difference. Increase your bookings and keep the revenue flowing by making sure your vacation rental doesn’t blend in with the crowd. These 5 tips to make your Estes Park vacation rental stand out can make all the difference!

Offer Amenities

Aside from just providing a place for travelers to sleep at night or catch a movie at the end of the day, a vacation rental has the potential to set the stage for the entire vacation. Setting the stage for an entire vacation experience takes a vacation rental to the next level. Of course, amenities such as a hot tub so guests can imagine themselves taking a relaxing soak at the end of the day are also a plus, but it doesn’t always take expensive additions to stand out. Include features your guests will love, such as a top-of-the-line coffee maker and a designated spot to stow their gear at the end of the day. Providing gear that will help your guests get active in your particular area is also a draw. Beach gear for an oceanside destination and snow sports gear for a mountain getaway all help travelers envision the lifestyle they’re hoping to embrace on their getaway.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to furnishings and décor, it is often best to keep it simple in a vacation rental. Keeping a minimalist feel so that rooms feel spacious and welcoming rather than overcrowded is key. Remove any unnecessary furnishings and clutter so the space feels enlarged. When neutral colors are used throughout a space, it creates a restful tone that caters to a wide audience. In that setting, pops of colors can be used strategically to draw the eye to intentional art pieces or décor. Materials that wear well over time will keep your vacation rental looking crisp and up to date, even with a steady flow of travelers cycling through.

Photograph It Well

Once you have gotten your vacation rental properly furnished with clean, simple lines and uncluttered rooms, be sure to capture some great photos of the space. Take photos at a time of day when plenty of natural light floods the room, making the space look light and bright. Edit any photos as necessary to make the space look light and inviting but be sure your vacation rental is represented accurately in the photos. Adding detailed descriptions of each room and amenities helps your guests know exactly what to expect during their stay. And while you want to upsell your property and highlight all its best features, be sure to stay accurate to what your vacation rental truly offers.

Customize the Experience

Make the check-in process smooth and clear before guests have even arrived, so they know exactly what to expect. Then, add some elements to your vacation rental that will create a customized experience once guests have settled in. Include locally crafted soaps or products in a welcome basket, creating an experience specific to your destination. It also helps guests feel as if they have the inside scoop when personalized instructions are left behind on favorite restaurants and things to do in the area. Aside from activities to add to the itinerary, ensure guests know who to contact if an issue arises, and make sure assistance is readily accessible.

Maintain Cleanliness

There’s nothing that can put a damper on a traveler’s vacation like arriving to a vacation rental that isn’t up to standard when it comes to cleanliness. Keeping your vacation rental crisp and clean will not only make it stand out in photos but will also ensure your guests have a positive experience once you’ve secured bookings. Positive online reviews will in turn positively affect booking frequency. The Estes Park property should be cleaned between each booking using a thorough checklist. Items such as towels and linens should be fully replaced at regular intervals to keep the quality consistent. Aside from ensuring regular cleanings occur, once or twice-yearly deep cleans will also ensure the entire space stays immaculate. Arriving to a crisp, clean vacation rental is an ideal way to begin a vacation!

Make Your Estes Park Vacation Rental Stand Out

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