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Owning a short-term vacation rental near Rocky Mountain National Park means that with the right marketing and management, you’ll have a steady flow of customers. Whether you’re just entering into the vacation rental ownership sector or you’ve already had some experience balancing the many tasks that managing a vacation rental requires, our team at Voyago is well-equipped to come alongside you in the process. With a streamlined, transparent process and proven strategies for bringing in a steady stream of revenue, partnering with our Rocky Mountain National Park short terms rentals management team is an easy choice. Along with complete peace of mind, partnering with us at Voyago brings a wealth of benefits to your rental property.

Transparent Pricing

At Voyago, we offer transparent pricing with no hidden fees or unwanted surprises. It is easy to get started in the process of partnering with our team, as we do not require any upfront long-term agreement or onboarding fees. With our dependable company, what you see is what you get. We know that a vacation is home is a personal investment, and we treat it as such. Our policy of no nickel and diming means that many service calls and replacement items are offered at no charge or bill back to you.

Clear Communication

We offer complete information up front so that homeowners can make informed decisions. Our homeowners enjoy access to an online ownership portal, where you can access your home’s complete information and booking calendar in real time. From being completely transparent with our homeowners to providing top-notch customer service to guests, our clear communication style wins every time.

High-Standard Home Care for Your Rocky Mountain National Park Short Terms Rentals

As we manage the details of each home, we keep short-term and long-term care in mind. Each home is thoroughly inspected with its custom 85-point plus checklist through our property care app, making sure it’s always looking its best for each new guest. And while the short-term view is certainly important, we also know that the longevity of a property can be extended with proper attention. Making sure each home receives a quarterly high-level inspection and an annual deep clean are just a couple of the ways we extend the lifetime of your investment property. Homeowners can also enjoy peace of mind with quality insurance. Because we understand how valuable your property is to you and your livelihood, we provide rental insurance at no extra cost. To minimize potential property risk, we also take care of all guest screening.

Dynamic Marketing

In order to get frequent bookings, your property must be easily visible by travelers. Our team employs a dynamic marketing strategy that covers a variety of platforms, including maximum visibility through web searches, social media, third-party booking sites like Airbnb and VRBO, and emails. Our marketing team also considers the many factors that affect how often guests see each home in a property search, and consistently update listings in order to play these factors to the advantage. Maximum visibility means maximum bookings, which puts more revenue in your pocket.

Competitive Revenue

We keep each property consistently competitive by daily following pricing and occupancy trends. Our operations manager stays on top of the constantly fluctuating market and adjusts rates daily to make sure you are always bringing in the highest possible revenue. We keep your home listing dynamic and competitive, making constant adjustments to your advantage.

Top-Notch Customer Service

A good property management company not only maximizes bookings, but also follows through with 5-star customer service for guests. At Voyago, we offer friendly customer service from start to finish. From answering pre-booking questions to ensuring guests are experiencing a seamless vacation, we bring satisfaction at all levels of the experience. As your property management team, we’ll take care of all guest communication, so you can leave the back-and-forth communication to us.

A Trusted Name

When partnering with our well-regarded company, you’ll automatically gain the credibility of a trusted brand. Just by being under our umbrella, your property will enjoy the status of Superhost on Airbnb and Premier Host on VRBO the day it is listed, something only 7% of companies can lay claim to. Your Rocky Mountain short term rentals will also see the advantages of being associated with a company which consistently receives 5-star reviews and positive customer feedback, giving travelers more confidence to book your home.

Additional Services

Our company offers completely optional additional services for those who want extra assistance in sprucing up a home’s appearance or getting a new vacation rental ready for guests. From interior design services to the initial prepping of a home to prepare it for rental, our optional packages provide an extra step of assistance.

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