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Come to the Estes Park Visitor Center for everything you need to know about the wonderful city of Estes Park! The center is located at 500 Big Thompson Avenue in Estes Park. This should be your first stop to help you plan all your next adventures during your visit. At the Estes Park Visitor Center, free information is readily available at your fingertips. Knowledgeable staff and volunteer ambassadors provide a warm welcome as soon as you enter. This team of Estes Park locals will share all their tips and tricks for enjoying Estes Park to the fullest!

Local Information at the Estes Park Visitor Center

Get maps and brochures of the area and learn about native wildlife and the outdoor activities you can embark on. This is the place to come for the scoop on where to go, what to eat and where to shop! To keep things green and eco-friendly, maps and information can be accessed via guest computers in the center. Book lovers will enjoy the fine selection of literature related to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park that is available for purchase. Learn about Estes Park’s beginnings and what contributed to it being the beautiful city it is today. Wildlife books give insight into the types of animal life you will enjoy seeing in Estes Park. Learn about the wild residents of Estes Park, such as elk, beaver, and mule deer!

The Estes Park Visitor Center also serves as the hub for shuttles which operate during the summertime, as well as during special events at various other times of the year. Catch the free summer shuttle and downtown trolley for a quick, fun, eco-friendly way to get around Estes Park. Access clean, indoor public restrooms and drinking water at the Visitors Center which is perfect if you’re passing through from any of the hiking trails nearby. The Lake Estes Trail is a popular four-mile loop near Estes Park that many hikers enjoy. Stay connected with your travel companions or hop online to take care of anything that comes up using the free wireless internet provided by the Visitors Center. The Visitors Center also serves as a great place to take a lunch break with their picnic areas and benches.

Plan Your Estes Park Journey

With so much to see and do in the great city of Estes Park, allow the Estes Park Visitors Center be your first stop before embarking on all your adventures during your stay in our rentals!